Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Make Money Online:Get Expertise In Search Engine Optimization

Is Search engine optimization An Online job At Home?

Search engine optimization is best online job in digital markting.Search engine optimizatin is the key for a website to get the objectives of making money.The worth of SEO experts is rising day by day in online marketing.
Search engine optimization is a process in which a site is optimized by search engines so that the goal of the website  for selling products or offering a service/page can be achieved and the owner of the website can get best results of digital markting.

Techniques of search engine optimization

seo techniques


Important thing is that there are some techniques in SEO which are not allowed by search engines.Google is #1 search engine and it allows only white hat techniques in SEO.Those who use black hat seo are penalized  by google and their website is blocked by search engine..Mainly there are three types of SEO techniques:
white hat seo and black hat seo

1-White hat SEO
2-Grey hat SEO
3-Black hat SEO
It is necessary for you to get expertise in SEO and then offer your services to a website owner or find clients on Up Work,Fiverr,Guru or from some other plateforms.

How to get a client for SEO services:



Up work,fiverr,XING,Onward search job board and Guru are the big plateforms for finding jobs for freelancers.Here after signing up you have to make your account and profile and then you can find clients for your service.
After an interview with your clients you can start your work and can make a good money at home.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Tips for seo beginners in online jobs

How Search Engine Works 

Watch this video to understands seo
SEO for beginners Online earning is much easier if you know very well to earn online. Working with search engines,SEO has become an essential field in online jobs.To learn seo you should have to join a training center or you must have many years of experience in seo working.
When we start learning search engine optimization we must start some projects to understand seo, as it is a project base learning.


Starting a blog on blogspot  is best in seo learning.
Use of google search console You must create accounts on google search console and on google analytics tools as from here you get analysis experience.If you have not joined any training center or have no professional advise then you must learn and search the following ones on google,no matter within few days you will get SEO  expertise.

Best searches for seo

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide - Google
seo basic
seo techniques
link building
google analytics
free seo goole tools
seo software
seo audit

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Keyword research the main factor in SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword search is the main factor in search engine optimization(seo).
 Long tail keywords are considered best in seo.Keyword research in a proper way  makes a content very  successful.Alwayes follow these steps in keyword research:
1 Head keyword
2  Head keyword+keyword=topsearch keyword
3 Top search keyword+keyword=niche keyword 

For Example;

1 Head key word=SEO
2 Head keyword+keyword=SEO techniques(topsearch keyword)
3 Top search keyword+keyword=SEO techniques in content writing

Tool for keyword research:

There  are many tools used for keyword  research.some important tools used for keyword research are...
Google adwords
Market Samurai
Long tail Platinum
Wordtracker Keywords Tool
Keyword Eye