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How Can You Write A Good Content

What Is Content Writing

Online marketing is the main plate form of digital marketing.Everyone wants to promote his business fastly and rapidly.Today online marketing has become the main marketing platform.But remember that content is a key factor in online marketing.A content having all the detail of customer’s questions and problems never let your visitor to go away from your site.A content is not consists of just words, blogs or article but a content is also a video, an image, an email, an ebook or an infographic because these all are taking your message to your customers.A good content must have two qualities:
1-Appealing for users
2-Solve a particular problem of the user

How Can You Write A Good Content

A good content is fully engaging for your visitors.When you are making content strategy you should create your mission statement.Your mission statement revolves around three components
The audience is the visitors who come to your page when there is something appealing to them, now when they are on your page your content should be written in a manner that they not only find it useful but also visit again and again.
Products or something you want to get a conversion or lead from is the main goal of your content.
Outcomes give you the analysis of your work. 

Ideas For A Content

Content should be engaging and problem-solving for your visitor but the question is that from where you can get an idea for an awesome content?Very simple ………...write the main keyword of your topic in search engine interface and see the results on first, second, third pages or you will see some search results at the end of the page of google.You can choose the idea for your content from there you can also find keywords from there.

Quora is a question and answer site you can get ideas about your content from there.People ask the questions there so you can easily find that what type of problems your visitors may have.
Yahoo and bing also help you in finding ideas and keywords for your content.Join some groups on Facebook and join some forums, see google trends keep an eye on twitter and on other social media platforms.

Keyword Research For Content Writing

The first and most important in writing content is the selection of proper keywords.A keyword is a word or phrase people use for their search on a search engine.If the content contains keywords according to a keyword planner it can show good results in ranking your page.Content having long tail keywords gives you the best result in Seo.
After keyword research, you should make a list of your keywords on an excel sheet and use these keywords in your content.It is not necessary that you chose hundreds of keywords you just chose more relevant keywords for your searching query, headings, and content.

What Is The Format Of A Content 

A content is usually written in paragraphs of four to six sentences.A sentence has five to ten words.First paragraph is an introductory paragraph in which you describe the topic of your content.Then you have to describe your topic in detail.Use images and internal links in your content as this is good for SEO.After three, four or five paragraphs the last one is a conclusion paragraph
-paragraph 1 
-paragraph 2 
-paragraph 3 

Use Of Keywords In Content

It is best for the SEO of your content and site that you use your keyword in the:
1-Title of the content
5-Alt tag
7-meta tag
Keyword density is also an important factor in content writing.It should be up to 4 or 5.

Implementing SEO best practices consistently throughout the content will result in the good rank of the content to the Google top ten and increase the traffic to your website.You can transform your ideas to your audience make a connection by solving their issues, sell your products by describing them in perfect writing, get lead or conversion according to your goal and reach to the outcomes of your work.

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