Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Content writing techniques to optimize a content in search engine

Online marketing and content on  internet are the main plate forms of business.Everyone wants to promote his business fastly and rapidly.To day on line marketing has become a major site for marketing.There are a number of services, companies and jobs working for online marketing.Seo has  best techniques and  strategies to optimizing  online marketing.Content writing has become an important field in digital marketing.A seo content writer knows all the tips and tricks of creating a good content.
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In article/blog writing main factors of content 

Seo  optimize a particular site in search engine using CONTENT WRITING  techniques.
It is necessary to get good rank in search engine ranking page to promote a service,brand or product and for this propose knowing how to optimize content for search engines is essential.A good content must have two qualities:
1-Appealing for users
2-Solve a particular problem of the user

Keyword research

Google’s search ranking algorithm updates Panda and Penguin are somehow complicated but seo content writer follow them with best techniques of content writing.Though there are many tips and tricks for content writing.Tthe first and most important one is the selection of proper key words.
A keyword is a word or phrase people use for their search on a search engine.If content contain keywords strategy according to a keyword planner it can show good results in page ranking.Content having long tail keywords,gives you a best result in searching.
Some of the things to keep in mind when incorporating  a  keyword are to include in it
1 Title  of the content
2 Heading
3 Content
4 Image
5 Alt tag
6 Url
7 meta tag
Ultimately, you want to use your keyword enough for it to catch the attention of search engines, while still being sensible.more

Keyword density

keyword density is also an important factor in content writing.The percentage of times  the keywords appear in content compared to the number of words-of between two percent and five percent.
Implementing seo best practices consistently throughout the content will result in good rank of the content to the google top ten and increase the traffic.