Thursday, 10 December 2015

Keyword research the main factor in SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword search is the main factor in search engine optimization(seo).
 Long tail keywords are considered best in seo.Keyword research in a proper way  makes a content very  successful.Alwayes follow these steps in keyword research:
1 Head keyword
2  Head keyword+keyword=topsearch keyword
3 Top search keyword+keyword=niche keyword 

For Example;

1 Head key word=SEO
2 Head keyword+keyword=SEO techniques(topsearch keyword)
3 Top search keyword+keyword=SEO techniques in content writing

Tool for keyword research:

There  are many tools used for keyword  research.some important tools used for keyword research are...
Google adwords
Market Samurai
Long tail Platinum
Wordtracker Keywords Tool
Keyword Eye

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